i spent my thanksgiving day eating [duh] and reading little brother by cory doctorow. it was a wonderfully clever techno-savy book that didn't leave you feeling stupid, but instead informed. and paranoid. [if it's possible to be any more paranoid after living with CCB all these years.] and probably the worst part of it is that i am now completely inspired to write. i don't read enough, maybe a handful of books a year, but when i read, i read. plowing through a novel in a day or three, left with this urge to drag out my laptop and put words on paper. not usually a bad thing, but i'm still feeling quite drained after the last novel.

drained or not, the story's coming together in my head. for months now i've been considering a ya novel about time travelers. by considering i mean i have probably at least the first few chapters planned out. and in my tradition of always wanting to do something different, i'm going to attempt a MPV [multiple point of view] story from 3-5 perspectives, whichever i decide on. just so you know, MPV is pretty frowned upon. it's not so "trendy" right now. no, you have to write from third person like it's first person, and all in one point of view. whatever [or fuck that, rather], i'm going to write what i want. but then again, i always do.

good time to start something new anyway. i have a friend in town who's trying to get her dissertation done. so that means i'll be spending tomorrow at starbucks anyway. i have huge issues with taking my macbook into a coffee shop - it's almost like a false advertisement as far as i'm concerned: look at me, i'm a writer... but i can write anywhere, so i shouldn't complain. well, guess that decision's been made. better get to it.