nanowrimo: day 1

i wish the song "rape me" by nirvana wasn't so gd catchy. it's not a good song to get stuck in your head and then sing to yourself at the grocery store or in line at some anonymous coffee shop. would be an interesting way to meet someone though. random stranger: hey, what's that tune you're humming? you: rape me.

so as the first day of nanowrimo comes to a close [at least for those of us who have to get some sleep before work in the morning], i am at about 7,800 words, or 33 pages. it is not a gift to be able to pump out this amount of work in such a short time, but rather a finely honed skill. spend every spare second doing only one thing, and you start to figure out a few things along the way. better squeeze out another page or two before i call it lights out...