monster on my hands

i learned a pretty important lesson this week: if you have two separate versions of a novel, and you intend to edit the most recent, make sure you are in fact editing the most recent before you are 250 pages in. it was there i discovered the error, only realized because i was thinking: wait, it's not supposed to go like this. and it wasn't, because i'd spent a few weeks earlier this year restructuring and rewriting the last 100 pages or so. anyway, after a very annoying cut/paste session i got back on track, only to discover that the last chapter wasn't right. why? because i'd pasted the wrong alternate version into my document. nice. so i fixed it and finished the edit, but now i have no idea if the novel is cohesive whatsoever. i feel a little bit like i've got frankenstein's monster on my hands here, without any time to bring him to life.

after all, november is only 6 days away.

sometimes the [writing] goals i set for myself are astronomically high, but if they weren't, i probably wouldn't get any work done. you'll only work as hard as you think you're capable. if you think it will take you two years to write a novel, then chances are it will. and chances are you won't do a whole lot of actual writing until the last two months or so, because then your deadline's finally in sight. but if you only give yourself a month or two, well, what other choice do you have than to slave over a keyboard? it's not really rocket science, folks.