good luck

i am nearing the end of my 21st novel, the fourth in a young adult series about shapeshifters entitled bloodline. my goal is to finish in the next few days so i have a break before i begin the next book on november 1st for nanowrimo. i wrote the initial book in the series last november, so i am pleased that i am circling around to the fifth book this year. this may be the last in the series, although i am not certain. it was supposed to be a trilogy, but that didn't seem to work out. this is my fourth year doing nanowrimo, and i only wish i'd discovered it sooner.

i have been researching stones and gems and their meanings for this book, and came across some interesting facts about the soladite stone. it is rumored to [and please don't roll your eyes too hard here, CJT] boost the immune system, clarify the mind, and bring good luck to writers and artists. well, at this point i can use all the good luck [real or imagined] that i can get my hands on. needless to say, fedex is delivering mine today.