Same Carly.

Same Story.

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s h i f t e d.


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I suppose it was a typical break-up—I was ignored for 6 months before I received news from a third party that our relationship was over. Except this time around, the heart-crusher was the small independent press that had published two of my manuscripts and had promised to publish my complete Bloodline series. With hindsight, I now understand that the closure of a small press in a highly competitive market is commonplace. At the time, I was caught up in mourning the loss of what I'd built as an author. I went from having a signed contract for my third Bloodline manuscript to having to beg for my author rights back. By the time I resumed ownership of my work, I was determined to keep it indefinitely.

So, I set to work on one of the biggest learning curves of my life. I attempted to understand what I didn't know in order to move forward. I ended up where I thought I wanted to be, with books ready to put in print, when life gave me another slap in the face—severe physical illness that ravaged me for two years. In too much pain to read or write, I digested storytelling through film, music, television and podcasts. Too sick to work, I listened, absorbed, honed my craft in hopes of picking it up again someday. And when that someday finally came, when I finally beat the thing that took so much of me, I realized I wasn't the same person or the same storyteller.

I had evolved, and the Carly Morneau I'd introduced to the world in Bloodline had to as well. It meant scrapping a proofed third manuscript in lieu of a more satisfying story. It meant revisiting two novels I'd already had published and shaping them into the best versions of themselves. It meant more work than I'd ever anticipated, but to work is to live, and what a privilege it is to do both.

The versions of Legacy and Legends I'll be releasing May 2018 comprise the first half of Carly's story, which will conclude in two more novels (release dates to be determined). In addition to continuing Carly's adventure, I'll be publishing a stand-alone young adult horror novel, Sleep to Dream, August 2018. I've written a lot of novels trying to figure out how the hell to write novels; I've got Carly Morneau to thank for finally showing me what to do with them.




You can try the best you can
You can try the best you can
The best you can is good enough


Over the past few years, I have become enamored by the universe outside my home planet. While I toil through the drama of the human condition, stars and planets dance in predictable patterns; black holes eat and absorb and take without asking; dark matter looms with intrigue and possibility. For all the myths and mysteries that humans manufacture in an attempt to understand our existence, for as skilled of storytellers as we’ve become, no fiction can truly touch our ever-growing understanding of reality.

I’ve been making my way through physicist Brian Greene’s The Fabric of the Cosmos: Space, Time and the Texture of Reality, and came across a passage that struck me in such a way that I find myself reading it every time I pick up the book.

Everyone appreciates a good love story because a good love story is how we all got here (she types facetiously, understanding full well the enormity of violence that has led to many of the individuals alive today.) Romance makes for great storytelling because it’s something most of us can relate to—if not the societally idealized notion of it, at least the longing that accompanies the lack of it. I personally find the longing more fascinating, especially in the context of spacetime.

Can humans, like particles, experience such entanglements? Can an individual be linked to another a world away, a dimension away, in some manner that we don’t yet have the intellect or instruments to comprehend? The skeptic in me longs for evidence; the storyteller in me operates in daydreams. Perhaps they’ll find their quantum connection just yet.